» What is Natural?
Natural means that a Natural Substance (or the ingredient) has not been significantly altered from it's original state, nor has anything been removed (with the exception of water) or added to it.

» What is Natural Cosmetic?

In this industry (cosmetics & beauty products) it is generally not the product that is certified natural, but some or all of the ingredients that are natural. Therefore, a wise consumer will take the time to read the labels to know what's in a product & then decide on his/her own that wheather the the product is 100% Natural or not.


What is Organic ?


Organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation.


What is Organic Cosmetic?


An organic cosmetic is a cosmetic which has been manufactured without the use of synthetic substances.


Are all Phesolsa Products 100% Natural or Organic?


YES. All our products are 100% Natural or Organic .


What are the benefits of going natural?


Products made of Natural ingredients greatly reduces or eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, thereby, benefiting tremendously to our health & environment. As you are aware that genetically modifying our foods & plants poses potential environmental hazards & health risks. Therefore, when you use a natural product which does not use GMOs (genetically modified organisms), you actually help environment in general & yourself in particular.


Are any of your products tested on animals?


We don’t test our products on animals.We test them on ourselves.Unless we use these products ourselves,we won’t offer them to you.that’s why we proudly stand by the quality of all our products.


Do your products contain animal-derived ingredients?


No. None of our products contain animal derived ingredients.


Does your product contain Alcohol?


No.None of our products contain Alcohol.


Are your products vegan/vegetarian friendly?


We respect nature and strive to use natural ingredients.Many ingredients derived from Natural Fruits,Flowers and Plants are used in our formulations.


What else do you think is necessary to know about Phesolsa products?


We take pride in telling you (also repeating) that our products are not only 100% natural but also different because they are always 'fresh' produced

» contains only concentrated natural ingredients
» are produced in most modern high quality manufacturing units
» have India's organic quality
» are highly effective
» are cruelty free. No animal experiments
» our products are alcohol free.

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